Growing up in New York just 28 miles from New York National Speedway I got to see many of the traveling Pros in the late 60's. In the early 70's just out of High School I went on the road with Jerry Caminito with the 'HoleShot' Mustang Nitro Funny Car until mid '72 when Jerry retired and went in a different direction. I moved west and started hitting most of the big tracks. In the 90's I was helping Jerry again and he ran into the late 90's before it became to hard as an independent to run a Nitro Funny Car. Jerry retired again after finishing in the 'Top Ten' 2 years in a row. I now shoot photos for a few different online sites doing Nostalgia races around the country. I was at a bunch of AMA Motorcycle races over the years also. I have tried to scan the older (slides) shots making sure they are clean/dust free but some of the older shots do have imperfections. You should be able to see them in the folders. My email is if you want to ask me anything about the photos.